Journal of Basic Science Education

Journal of Basic Science Education is a media outlet that publishes articles on the latest issues and research trends on innovation in basic science learning. Basic science education integrated with technology, innovative learning strategies, and the implementation of science in child development.

All review processes are carried out using a single-blind review method and are managed by the editorial board. This method keeps the identity of the reviewer confidential from the author. Any reviewer who is asked to review an article by the editor of the Journal of Basic Science Education must comply with the Ethics for Reviewers.

Journal of Basic Science Education provides open access that can be read and downloaded for free to the public and will support the exchange of knowledge in basic science education. The copyright of the published article is held by the author and under license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

The scope of Journal of Basic Science Education are:
1. Basic science learning
2. Technology Basic science learning
3. Innovative learning strategies for basic science
4. Sanis for child development